Dayna Kramer


Dayna Kramer

Health Coach

If anyone at BodyTech is bound to be a cliff jumper, it’s Dayna. But don’t worry; we’re simply saying this gal likes to dive right into life—the kind of person who embraces life and grows from every experience. Living in the moment with love and spirituality is an important part of what makes Dayna tick. It’s also an equally important reason why she is such a good role model for healthy living at BodyTech. Even though Dayna may have a taste for adventure, she remains firmly planted in her commitment to helping BodyTech clients embrace a healthier mindset and way of life. Who wouldn’t love to harness some of Danya’s good vibes energy?

While Dayna’s journey to become a BodyTech coach isn’t typical, it sure is remarkable. Ask her to tell you about it over a drink some time (that is, an Ideal Protein approved one). Sure she’s young and energetic, but don’t let that fool you. She’s also deep with wisdom and inspiration. A student of behavioral sciences and former sympathetic eared bartender, Dayna’s life experiences has provided her with a keen understanding of the human psyche and behaviors. Understanding that would be appreciated by likes of revolutionary psychologist Sigmund Freud, fire walking motivator Tony Robbins and exercise fanatic Richard Simmons.

Dayna has committed herself to the perpetual studies of body and mind. To her BodyTech team members, she is considered an organizer and can do motivator. This inspirational life force works with clients to help them achieve their healthiest state of body and mind.

Around here, Dayna is most likely to tell you she has discovered the secret to “dieter” Nirvana…and its call BodyTech!